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WTE Burnett- Separator Tests

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In early November, we received exciting news from our American client who shared a video featuring the successful trial of a wastewater treatment system at a dairy farm. For this project, two of our XF353 multi-disc screw presses and the PJY-3000 automatic polymer makedown tank were utilized.

The trial produced impressive results, showcasing the reliability and efficiency of our equipment in achieving stable and dry solids removal. The video offered a firsthand view of the XF353 screw presses' effectiveness, complemented by the precision of the PJY-3000 automatic dosing system.

This implementation at the dairy farm reflects our dedication to providing practical solutions for wastewater treatment. As a company, we take pride in contributing to eco-friendly practices and ensuring the optimal performance of our equipment. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and make progress in the field of wastewater management.

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