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One-Stop Mobile Sludge Dewatering System

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The system typically includes the following equipments:

Sludge Dewatering Unit: This system employs screw press as the central equipment to remove water from the sludge and increase its solid content.

Polymer Dosing System: Polymer chemicals are often added to aid in the dewatering process by enhancing the flocculation and settling of solids. The polymer dosing system ensures accurate and efficient dosing of these chemicals.

Control and Monitoring System: A comprehensive control system is integrated into the One-Stop Mobile Sludge Dewatering System to monitor and regulate the operation of various components. It allows for easy adjustment of parameters and ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

Container or Trailer: The entire system is housed within a container or trailer, making it mobile and easy to transport to different locations. This mobility allows for on-site dewatering of sludge, eliminating the need for transportation to external treatment facilities.

The One-Stop Mobile Sludge Dewatering System offers several advantages, including:

  • Compact and self-contained design: The system is designed to occupy minimal space and can be set up quickly at the site.

  • Versatility: It can handle sludge from various sources, such as municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial processes, or agricultural operations.

  • Cost-effective: By integrating multiple processes into a single system, it reduces the need for separate equipment and minimizes operational costs.

  • On-site dewatering: It enables dewatering at the source, eliminating the need for sludge transportation and reducing associated costs and environmental impacts.

PIONIERE is Yixing-based sludge dewatering solutions provider of cost-effective technologies that treat wastewater systems and reuse effluent. Systems can be modular, compact and cunstomized.




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